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Maria Lopez | mariamf56@aol.com
This message is for Manny i use to live at 1875 Third Ave Now i live in Staten Island NY comunicate with me at this number 718-419-6478
20 July 2009 - Hope to hear from you soon

Milliec | flowerbell19@yahoo.com
Anyone remember the name of The School PS 78 in east harlem on 119st pleasant ave Or Was It Just PS78
27 July 2009 - east harlem ny

James Green | projects451@gmail.com
Sylvia Rodriguez, my family and I lived in Bldg 451 from 1963 thru 1982. I understand this years reunion will be on Sat- 8/15/09
26 July 2009 - Baltimore County, MD

Carlos Laboy | carloslaboy@optimum.net
Hi, sent this message out in 2002 to find my long lost brother Frank who lived on Third Ave. I'm sending out this message again. The name I use now is Carlos Laboy. My born name is Carlos Sanchez. I was given my mother maiden name because my father wasn't around. Her married name is Laura Laboy. Sister of Mimi, Norma,Freddy(Muscle Man)and Victor. They were also raised on 100th street as children. My fathers name is Frank Casaburro (not sure if that's the correct spelling). In the early 60's I finally met my brother Frank, from my fathers side who also has my fathers name. His aunt raised him. Her name I belive was Carmen Vega. They lived on 3rd aveune on the 2nd floor near the Eagle theater. My brother Frank went to St. Cecilia's Grammar School. We lost contact after a fight I had trying to protect my him from another kid in our club house. I messed up the kid eye. I am in search of either my brother or Father, or any part of that family. My fathers nick name in the streets was "Chickie". Please help me, I have just found myself spritually but still missing an important part, my family from my fathers side. My mother was married to Ismeal Laboy and were seperated after awhile. We lived at 314 east 100th street, between 1st & 2nd aveune. Please help me find the missing link in my life. Looking at this web site brought back lots of memoires. My first confession and comfirmation at St. Ceilia's Church ,and the short time I spend with my brother Frank. I miss him. If you know any information that can be of help, please contact me! Thank you -
Carlos Sanchez Laboy. Contact me if you are Frank (my Brother) or have any information.
26 July 2009 - Bronx. NY

Nilda | emaxa@embarqmail.com
I would like to get in contact with my friend carmen cruz, we graduated from Julia Richman School in 1977. I moved to Ohio and have not seen her sincel
23 July 2009

MARILYN RODRIGUEZ | locitam@hotmail.com
Hello everyone, I know this is the place to talk about the past, and I need your help. When I was young my family went to a place somewhere either in New Jersey or Upstate NY, a place called La Villa. It was a place where there was restaurants, clubs, a house where you can stay for the night, and a farm nearby where you picked lettuce, corn, and chickens, and eggs. I have been trying to find this place for the longest. If anyone knows what I am talking about, please post it. thank you very much.
18 July 2009 - La Villa I think that is what my parents called the place

Jacqueline Quigg (Gregorio) | quigg@aol.com
Hi Sharon, this may sound like a strange question but was your dad named Frank? If so, we are cousins. My dad was Uncle Bob. Would love to hear from you.

18 July 2009 - South Boston,MA

Hector Luis Vargas | hl_vargas@hotmail.com
Any former scout members from troop 693?
14 July 2009 - San Diego, CA

Daniel Gonzalez | danielgonzalezon@aol.com
It's been a year since I have posted on the site I too was raised in 2369 first ave My father is Efrain as is my brothers name also.Just wanna say hello to my spanish harlem JHS 45,Parkeast class of the 90's. LOVE.
14 July 2009 - ROCKLAND COUNTY

Nilsa | midamayo@hotmail.com
Well, I haven't heard from any PS 168 schoolmates, so I'll try PS 108 schoolmates. Are any of you out there? Remember our wonderful teachers? Miss Dermer, Miss Daniels, Miss Tobias and Principal Mrs. Gross?
10 July 2009 - still in the environs, after all these years.

Israel Pagan | Israel_2602_2004@yahoo.com
I'm Papo born and raised in 322 East 100th Street between 1st and 2nd ave. I attended PS 109, JHS 99 and Fashion Industries HS. I'm looking for the 1967 JHS99 yearbook. Does anyone out there have one or can tell me where to find/buy one! Thanks to all and God bless.
8 July 2009 - Orlando, Florida

James Green | projects451@gmail.com
My family and I lived in the East River Projects from 1963 thru 1982. I went to PS 168 Class of 1971 and JHS 99 Class of 1974. Would like to hear from old and new friends.
7 July 2009 - Baltimore County, MD

MillieC | Flowerbell19@yahoo.com
In Viewing Of Harlems First Drug Store Located on Third ave 125th St The Picture Indicates The Year To Be 1942?? Looking More To Be 1842 ??
3 July 2009 - Anywhere

Sylvia Rodriguez | bigsyl213@aol.com
I grew up in the East River Projects in bldg 451 I attended the 2008 reunion and would like to know if and when they are having a 2009 reunion my brothers would like to attend they live out of state now.
2 July 2009

Katherine Miles BFHS 1963 | katwoman6110029@yahoo.com
An open invitation to all who attended Benjamin Franklin HS to join its alumni association and other classmates for a family day outing in Jefferson Park on Saturday August 8 2009 at the 111th Street entrance from 10am to 8pm. It's free, all you have to bring is a picnic basket, another Franklinite, your family, a camera to not lose the memories and your Franklin spirit. This is an annual event so if you can't make it this year, we will see you the second
Saturday in August whenever.
1 July 2009 - NewYork City

Sylvia Rodriguez | bigsyl213@aol.com
James Green I also grew up in the East River Projects and lived at 451 East 102nd St. Attended 2008 reunion was great would like to know when 2009 reunion will be, my brother Chris would like to come this year. By the way what year did you live at 451 and when did you move.
1 July 2009

Sam Brown | sambro_1@hotmail.com
C. COLEMAN; HELLO! I ATTENDED PS 170 FROM 1960 TO 1967; AND THAN J.H.S. 13; THAN JULIA RICHMAN. Hey Tito Torres I also attended PS 170 at the same time my 4th/5th grade teacher was Ms Carter. I had Ms Peterson in the 6th grade then I went to Riverdale 149
29 June 2009

mike mariconda | bigdaddy@mariconda.com
Hi Sharon, sure is a small world. Happy that all went well for you and that you kept your St. Lucy friends. That's some story about your daughter.good luck to them!
Yes, I believe Annette's last name was Iovino and that she lived in my old building 2015 1st avenue, which is still there. Stay in touch.if I can contact the cerratos I'll let you know.
24 June 2009 - rockland cty

Sharon Fisher Torres | sharonlt42@aol.com
Mike Mariconda. I do remember you. I came to St. Lucy's in 4th grade. I remember you very well. I am still in contact with Illeana Vicenty. We were best friends all through school, HS & college. She has a younger brother 16 years her junior and he married my oldest daughter. they have been married for 8 years now. Small world. It was great finding this site. I remembe your dad's store too. Do you remember Annette? I can't remember her last name but she lived on 104th and first ave. Take care, Sharon
22 June 2009 - Upstate NY

Kent | mamboplace7@aol.com
Raised on 2nd Ave. between 110th and 111th streets in the 50's and 60's.
P.S.102, James Otis, Jefferson Park JHS. anybody remember?
19 June 2009 - Hollywood Beach, Fl

Nilsa | midamayo@hotmail.com
P.S. 168 schoolmates. Are you out there? I attended from Kindergarten until November 1963 when I was a couple of months into second grade. I remember our dear, late teacher Miss Orenstein. I remember some classmates, too. James, Erika Hegeman, Mary and Peter (twins), and John Davis .
20 June 2009 - still in the environs after all these years

Alfredo Carreras | alfredo_carreras@yahoo.com
Hi I lived in 2369 first ave from 57-76. Graduated from benjamin franklin in 1973. went by my nickname Freddie and played lots of paddleball under the triborough bridge, JHS 45 and 96th.street Miss my homies Papo, Joseph Torres, Apple jacks, henry Arroyo and fat Edwin.
8 June 2009 - Looking for Zulma Susie Santiago

Jose Gonalez | calpp@frontiernet.net
To Sherri Bellamy I attended Commander shea in 64, graduated and went on to Rice High school. I remember Evette campos and hung out with Joe Martinez Frankie Hernandez, Manny Vilafane, and Larry Camacho. I tried to date Lourdes who eventually went with Joe Martinez.
7 June 2009 - Currently living in Sacramento, California

Sonia Ortiz | parentsontherun@yahoo.com
I was born in Fort Apache the Bronx all most of my life, until the age of 17. then traveled. I move to Wagner Projects in 1998. It has been ten years since. This is my home and passionate about my community.I came upon this doing research about el barrio and stimble on this documentary. Nice, I enjoyed. Actually never knew some people in it was in the game for that long.Keep It Up. Come visit us
7 June 2009 - 122nd and 2nd Ave

Janiece | jbspitz@hotmail.com
My family moved into 220 circa '56. What floor were you on? I went to 121 for kindergaten, did you?
31 May 2009

MILLIEC. | flowerbell19@yahoo.com
Would Anyone Remember a Girl Named Rosalie Jimenez Who Lived On 96th St. Graduated JULIA RICHMOND HIGH IN 1956???
29 May 2009 - ANYWHERE USA

Frank T 119th & 2nd | ft1524@aol.com
Peter. saw a post from you. and if you are who I think. your last name starts with an F. and ends in an I. If I am correct, contact me. You were in my brother Billy's class of 66
25 May 2009 - San Diego CA now

Jimmy Burns | Jamesmrgolf@aol.com
Does anyone know when the reunion for this year will be held? Looking for anyone that lived in the East River Projects around 1968-72.
24 May 2009 - United States, New York City

Millie C. | flowerbell19@yahoo.com
Hi Tony Scala
Remembering Choo Choos On 105th First Ave I Stood With The Devlis Behind The School PS 168 Did Ya Know Melinda, Ginger, Sis All From 104TH ST Near 2nd Ave Also Ronnie Cappello His Dad Had The Drug Store 105th 2ND Ave an a Guy Named DINO Whose Dad Had an Ice Cream Parlor across From CAPPELLOS DRUG STORE?? How About RoseMarie Who's Bro Was
BARNEY ~HOP ??? Luv To Hear From Ya
24 May 2009 - East Harlem

MILLIE C. | flowerbell19@yahoo.com
JAY PERRONE SOUNDING FAMILAR OLQA WAS 113ST ST ANNS WAS 110TH ST Coming Fro Harlem One Must Never Forget These Landmarks lol I Lived on 111st block of the firehouse an ''MACHITO''Down The Block was The ''BOYS CLUB Luv To Hear From Ya
24 May 2009 - East Harlem ''Now an ''Then

edgar | miranda@geneseo.edu
We moved into the Washington Projects in 1957, 220 e. 102 st. The playground wasn't even completed. I started school at P.S. 121, I think the number has been changed but it's the same building on 102 st btwn 2nd and 3rd. From there I went to P.S. 198 on 96 st. I left the projects in 1974. Since then I've been involved in education as a bilingual teacher, director of bilingual ed and even did some time as a college professor at SUNY Geneseo. I moved to Virgnia and am currently serving as principal of an elementary school. East harlem is home, that's where I became who I am and I wouldn't change that for the world.
Love to hear from any other success stories who haven't forgotten to keep working in order to maintain the door open for those who are following us
16 May 2009

Carmen Coleman | cucalew@aol.com
am from 111th st.does anyone remember building number 16-22 between lenox and 5th
14 May 2009 - Va

Jay Perrone | jayperrone@gmail.com
I graduated from OLQA in 1950 and lived on Second ave between 110 and 111 St. During those years I belonged to the Bobcats from 110 St. Im looking for some old friends--especially Benny Emanuel from 111 St. If any of my friends from that era recognize my name, please send me a message.
10 May 2009 - Monroe, Ct

Ronald Traynham | Trayrd@yahoo.com
I lived in Taft Projects 65 East 112th Steet. I attended PS 101 from kinder garden through the 8th grade. Years 71 -80. I am looking for anyone that attended the Bridge School at PS 101. through these Years 76 - 80.
6 May 2009 - I currently live in Laurel, Maryland.

millie ciotti | flowerbell19@yahoo.com
anyone from 116th First Ave st near deliteful rest from the 60's around ??
6 May 2009 - nyc

millie caivano | Flowerbell19@Yahoo.com
Hi Donna Do U Mean Rosalie From 115th st Married To Vinnie Gums ??
3 May 2009 - nyc

millie | flowerbell19@yahoo.com
anyone from 111Street
3 May 2009 - nyc

Millie Caivano | flowerbell19@yahoo.com
Would Luv To See Theses Photos 112th 1st n 2nd Ave The Borellis Lived ThereWalked That Street To Get To Jefferson Pool What Sweet Memories Do You Have 2 Sisters ?? Living In New Jersey ???
3 May 2009 - nyc

Millie Ciotti | flowerbell19@yahoo.com
Hi Donna Do You Remember Johny Delitefuls I Worked There In The In The 60's ~70's Are U Lookin For Rosalie Married To Vinnie How Old Are You ?????
3 May 2009 - nyc

millie caivano | flowerbell19@yahoo.com
lookin for donna who's lookin for rosalie from east 115th st cotact me
2 May 2009 - nyc

Jackie Serrano | rjackie@ymail.com
I'm an old friend of Jesus "DJ" Corchado who went to Aviation HS. I went to Cathedral. He hung out at the barrio. Last known address was in Arizona. I would like to say hi. If anyone know his current where abouts please write back.
24 April 2009

manny | lasenal@libertypr.net
maria lopez of 1875 3rd ave?
20 April 2009

Jose Corrales Joey | jcorralessr@cfl.rr.com
LIve in the Carver Projects 102st & Madison Ave.I missed El Barrio,I attended St.Cecilia's till 1965 then Aviation h.s.1969,e were a big family,Abe.Sadie,henry,rodger and tony.
14 April 2009 - Florida

Janiece | Janiece1216@nysbar.com
Nice community website! I lived in Washington and DeWitt Clinton. Attended 121 for kindergarten, then OLQA (where my mother and her friends started the Brownie, Girl Scout and Cadet Troops), Fashion, Cal State and Boston University. I remember the Eagle, La Marqueta, Kress, Morris Toyland, Jefferson Pool, the City of the City of New York, the public library branches at 110th and 96th streets. Grew up in OLQA parish and in Union Settlement, took piano lessons at Manna House and drama class with Michel Whitaker at the James Weldon Johnson Theatre Arts Center on 110th Street. Knew folks from St. Lucyís, St. Annís, St. Francis de Sales, St. Cecelia, Commander Shea, All Saints, 83 , 99, 13 and 117, Jefferson, Johnson, Taft and Lehman Village, and that development by the bus depot on 99th and Lex. I worked as a cashier at Key Food (110 and 115), did volunteer work at Flower Fifth and worked as a teacher at Union Caver Childrenís Center. I feel privileged to have lived in the diverse community of African Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Jews, Germans, Asians and Italians, which was the East Harlem of my day. That kind of daily exposure usually happens in adulthood if at all. I seriously am considering writing about it.
9 April 2009 - TriBeCa

Idris | ameridriss@hotmail.com
hello. I'm a first year English Master student in France. I'm looking for more details about East Harlem for my research project. I was wondering if there is anyone who could answer some of my questions to which I couldn't, actually, find any answer. Please feel free to contact me and I'll be very grateful for your help. Thank you in advance. Idris
28 March 2009 - Paris, France

Darving Irizarry, LMSW | Dirizarry@PROMESA.org
Hello Evryone, I am the Director for the Family and Children's Services program at E. Harlem Council for Community Improvement. We offer food pantry and dedicated casework management/counseling/advocacy/referral services for at risk families in our neighborhood. We may be reached at 212 860 9700 if you wish to refer families with children that may need supportive services. Thanks
25 March 2009 - East Harlem Council for Community Improvement

Carmen Coleman | cucalew@aol.com
I graduated from Julia Richman High School in 1971, I lost my year book between moves from one state to another. I would like to know if anyone would have an extra copy of the yearbook. I moved away from New York city, and at times I love to tell my children stories of old school friends, but because I donít have the book any longer and I have lost touch with everyone I canít show my children what everyone looked like or what my school looked like inside. A copy of the yearbook would be a wonderful way to put faces on the people I have been telling my children about all these years. If any one can help it will be greatly appreciated.
23 March 2009 - Va

Evelyn Figueroa | evelyn@northstreetpartners.com
Hi Antonio Boerga. I also grew up on East 99th Street - the George Washington Housing Projects and remember all these stores, etc.
19 March 2009 - White Plains, New York

John Natale | jnatale@irsd.k12.de.us
Just found this site the day before my 60th birthday. I was born in NY Hospital in 1949 and brought back home to my family's apartment at 153 East 104th on the corner of Lexington. I went to St. Lucy's until 6th grade. I read someone mentioning the horrible lunches. I remember those. We tried to hide the food in the milk containers, but the nuns would shake them to make sure they were empty before we could throw them away. I especially remember Sister Laura, Mother Frances, and Sister Candida. My knuckles remember her. I remember the 3rd Ave. El being torn down, Joe's Bar on 106th, and Jack's on 103rd where my father spent some time. I saw someone posted about working at Morris's toy store on 3rd; I walked those aisles window shopping many times. If you ever see the 1970's Clint Eastwood movie Coogan's Bluff, he rides in a cab right down 104th past my building, the firehouse, and then stops at the police station. Actually, I pretty much remember everything about the old neighborhood and could fill pages. Reading your posts brought back many memories for my 60th. Alfredo and Jose, if you are out there - hello.
18 March 2009 - Delaware

Joseph Rivera | joe.rivera@newgatecapital.com
This is for Tony Santiago (Fat Louie's little brother) Hey Tony I remember you - You lived at 112th st on third ave - Your brother went to the Navy after High School and if I remember correctly you went into the Marines for a bit right? Yeah I know some of the names you mentioned but I hung with the crowd a little older but like you lost touch with mostly everyone including your brother Lou. Peace my man and tell your bro to drop me a note at jorivester at gmail

Later my peeps!!
16 March 2009 - Orange County, NY

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